Izabelė Jonušaitė

PhD Student in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT

Izabelė Jonušaitė


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Past Research

Hyperpriors in Abduction about Social Phenomena

Research Question: Do people have a hyperprior on systemic (“invisible-hand”) explanations over agentive explanations of macro-social situations?

Method: An online cognitive experiment

Supervison: Asst. Prof. Tomer Ullman (Computation, Cognition, and Development Lab, Harvard University)

SPP 2022 Invisible-Hand Poster

A Generative Model of Implicit and Explicit Attitude Data

Research Questions: (i) How do the processes that generate implicit and explicit attitudes interact? (ii) What phenotypes of the generative model produce data indicating phenomena such as cognitive dissonance, illusory truth effect, and polarization?

Method: Computational modeling; a formal network model combined with the Active Inference framework as a bespoke hybrid model

Supervision: Prof. Han van der Maas (UvA) & Casper Hesp, MSc (UvA, University College London)